homework for my head

veni vidi and eventually I will vici

I am not comfortable with  the idea of blogging but if it helps to beat my negative self into some semblance of worth I will try.

My Shrink, G, was asking me if there was anyone that I could talk to other than my Love. Answer: No. Talk would include feelings, ideas, opinions, joy in little things, small titbits of ephemera swiped from here and there, stuff I find interesting. There are few people who I care about that I feel that I could talk with.  G is one and Love is the other.  Love is pretty much out of commission due to depression. I want to express myself without being suppressed.

So, I am to share with you – at first it will be seen as spew in no particular order maybe later it will be more refined

corkscrew duck penis

black macaque

fear leads to anger leads to depression leads to apathy

how far can you go with compassion, where do consequences come in

i despise Rene Descartes as i am unable to understand, i think therefore i am, and what the fuck does god have to do with that? i have no patience with the babble

i was listening to something today that said something like if you are struggling to do something you don’t want to do you are fighting with your ego. stupid ego. apparently my ego clashes with Descartes

the next time i don’t want to do something i will ask my ego what’s the scoop, Jackson?

Love says it is time and we can go home now – yep we work together, married, pretty much do everything except use the toilet together, truly.